Pricing and Purchasing

Wine and Spirit bottles

All engraved bottles are bespoke designs to take advantage of the shape and size of the bottle, the desired theme and your personal message.

Vortex Art do not have a UK license to supply Alcohol, so we only engrave bottles that already belong to our customers. If you wish to purchase a bottle online you can follow the link to our partner "The Wine Centre" in Great Horksley Essex who will be happy to sell you a quality bottle of wine or spirit and arrange for us to do the engraving.
Engraving prices range from £35 per bottle for a simple design deeply engraved on the bottle and finished in a single colour.

Larger orders (6 or more bottles) using the same basic design in a single colour can be engraved from £25 per bottle.
Glass and Granite animal studies

Vortex Art has recently launched a range of animal studies. These hand drawn designs are modelled on highly detailed photographs. Each piece of art is deeply engraved onto either glass or granite.

Due to the time involved and the nature of hand engraving every finished item is slightly different. This means the majority of our finished engravings are totally unique "One Off" pieces of art.

The engraving is supplied ready to be framed, or can be displayed on the stand provided.

Some of our more popular designs are now offered as limited editions, with the design reproduction limited to no more than fifty.

Our artwork and engravings come in various shapes and sizes of substrate.

10cm x 10cm x 1.0cm glass, Onyx or granite
10cm x 20cm x 0.6cm glass
10cm x 30cm x 0.6cm glass
20cm x 20cm x 0.6cm glass
20cm x 25cm x 0.6cm glass
20cm x 20cm x 1.0cm granite
20cm x 30cm x 1.0cm glass
20cm x 40cm x 0.6cm glass
21cm x 30cm x 0.6cm granite
30cm x 40cm x 1.0cm granite

Prices start at £49 for a 10cm x 10cm limited edition piece of art (including stand).

Please contact us for further information.