About Us

Paul and Jan Lockyer are the creative duo behind Vortex Art. Leaving busy professions behind they are enjoying their shared love of creating beautiful, engraved images on glass.

From an early age Paul has been involved in graphic design and music, studying at the Royal Academy in London. This background gives him a keen eye for detail. Paul finds inspiration in his love of nature and wildlife and captures an emotional connection in his designs and engravings.

With a Master of Arts Degree and as a social worker, teacher turned artist, Jan brings enthusiasm and vision to their artwork. She has a simple philosophy - be passionate about the creative process, use the best materials possible, and celebrate the variety of life on this planet.

Paul and Jan learnt their craft of abrasive carving and etching in San Diego in 2016. Although glass is their primary canvas they also work on ceramics, stone, granite and metal. They continue producing their original personalised artwork on wine and champagne bottles, and have now extended their range to include original animal studies on glass and granite.